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Approved Screening Equipment

The technologies listed below have been evaluated by an independent investigator and the Texas Department of State Health Services. They meet requirements for conducting newborn hearing screening.

Each device:

The list is updated when equipment is evaluated and approved. The appropriate device(s) for a given birthing facility depends on the specific needs of that organization. DSHS and the independent investigator do not endorse a particular device. 

Approved Screening Equipment List
Bio-logic SystemsAbaerABR and OAETE and DP
Bio-logic SystemsAudxOAEDP
Bio-logic SystemsScout SportOAETE and DP
GN-OtometricsMadsen AccuscreenABR and OAETE and DP
GSICorti OAE TE and DP 
GSINovus ABR and OAETE and DP 
GSI-ViasysAudioscreenerABR and OAEDP
Intelligent Hearing Systems SmartScreenerABR 
Intelligent Hearing Systems SmartEP-ASSRABR 
Intelligent Hearing Systems SmartDPOAEOAEDP
Intelligent Hearing Systems SmartTrOAEOAETE
Intelligent Hearing Systems SmartScreener-Plus 2ABR and OAETE and DP
Maico Diagnostics easyScreen ABR and OAE TE and DP
Maico DiagnosticsERO-SCANOAEDP
Maico DiagnosticsMB-11ABR 
Natus MedicalEcho-ScreenABR and OAETE and DP
Natus MedicalALGO 5ABR 
Natus MedicalALGO 3iABR 
Natus MedicalALGO 3ABR 
Natus MedicalALGO 2e colorABR 
Natus MedicalALGO 2eABR 
Natus MedicalALGO 2ABR 
OtodynamicsILO288 EchoportOAETE and DP
OtodynamicsILO292 DP EchoportOAETE and DP
(incl. ABR upgrade)
OAE (and ABR)TE and/or DP
OtodynamicsOtoport DP+TE OAE+ABR
ABR and OAETE and DP
OtodynamicsOtoport OAE+ABR AdvanceABR and OAETE and DP
OtodynamicsOtoport OAE+ABR ScreenerABR and OAE TE
OtodynamicsOtoport OAE+ABRABR and OAE TE and DP
OtodynamicsOtoport OAE+ABR LEABR and OAE TE and DP
OtodynamicsOtocheck ABR Screener
Starkey LaboratoriesDP2000OAEDP
Vivosonic, Inc.AurixABR 
Vivosonic, Inc.Integrity V500 ABR and OAE TE and DP 

1OAE Types:
ABR = Auditory brainstem response
OAE = Otoacoustic emission
TE = Transient evoked
DP = Distortion product

For more information about a particular technology, please contact the company directly.

For more information about the evaluation process or to schedule an appointment to submit a device for evaluation, please contact

Dr. Craig A. Champlin 
Phone: (512) 471-6345

Last updated May 9, 2022