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Educational Materials

Training Opportunities

Newborn Hearing Screening Training Curriculum

This is a free web-based and self-paced course offered by the National Center for Hearing Assessment and Management (NCHAM). The course is designed to provide the learner with a thorough understanding of the components necessary for conducting quality newborn hearing screening. Continuing education credits are available to eligible individuals.

Screener Sensitivity Training Video

This video focuses on the emotional journey of families as they go through the newborn hearing screening process. The video was a collaboration of the North Carolina Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) Program and The CARE Project.

Newborn Hearing Screening for Nurses and Other Healthcare Providers 

The goal of this training is to show health care professionals how to support the state’s newborn hearing screening program, provide follow-up and referrals for infants suspected of or identified as Deaf or hard of hearing, and counsel families to help ensure that infants receive appropriate services.  (Credit Hours: 1.25 CE)

DSHS TEHDI Information Management Training (TEHDI MIS)

This is for teleconference calls, TEHDI MIS Training, and technical assistance for facilities using the TEHID MIS, a web-based application for managing hearing screening and follow-up activities.

Every other month, TEHDI hosts teleconferences for certified birth facilities to learn about program enhancements and system issues. New MIS user training covers best practices and reporting obligations.

For TEHDI MIS technical assistance, or to get information on training and bi-monthly teleconference calls, please contact Oz Systems at 866-427-5768, option 3, or email a request to them.

TEHDI Publications

 The TEHDI Program provides PDF versions of publications to view or download. Health care professionals may order free, printed brochures, fact sheets and guides about TEHDI continuum of care best practices in bulk by using the Texas Health Steps Resource Catalog

After setting up a user identification and password in the online ordering system, you can request brochures, informational fact sheets and guides to be sent to you. Some materials are designed for healthcare providers and others are for parents and parents-to-be. 

TEHDI Publications


 Publication Name 

Target Audience 
 05-12258 1-3-6 Month Practitioner's Guide (rev 9/13) Health Professionals
 1-327 After the Hearing Screen: Frequently Asked Questions (rev 3/12) Parents
 1-326  Genetics and Hearing (rev 3/12) Parents 
 1-323  Hearing Checklist for Parents (English)(rev 8/17) Parents 
 1-323A  Hearing Checklist for Parents (Spanish)(rev 4/17) Parents 
 1-322  Hearing Screening Result : Did Not Pass (English)(rev 8/17)  Parents 
 1-322A  Hearing Screening Result : Did Not Pass (Spanish)(rev 2/18)  Parents 
 05-13599  Information Health Professionals Need to Know (rev 3/12) Health Professionals
 1-342 Newborn Hearing: Connecting Families with Services and Resources (English)(rev 6/20) Parents 
 1-342A  Newborn Hearing: Connecting Families with Services and Resources (Spanish)(rev 6/20) Parents
 1-325 Newborn Hearing Screening: Information for Parents (rev 3/19) Parents
 1-328 TEHDI: A Roadmap for Families (English)(rev 6/17)  Parents
 05-13598  TEHDI Frequently Asked Questions (English & Spanish)(rev 2/18)  Parents, Health




Newborn Hearing Screening: A Road
Map for Families

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