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Texas Emergency Department Data

Texas Health Care Information Collection
Center for Health Statistics

The 2014–15 General Appropriations Act, S.B. 1, 83rd Texas Legislature, Regular Session, 2013 (Article II, Department of State Health Services [DSHS], Rider 93) specified that DSHS shall collect hospital emergency department (ED) data as set forth in Chapter 108, Texas Health and Safety Code (THSC). DSHS currently collects inpatient and outpatient data from hospitals and ambulatory surgical centers. DSHS began collecting ED data from hospitals on January 1, 2015 per 25 Texas Administrative Code (TAC), Sections 421.71-421.78, and in conjunction with the collection of inpatient and outpatient data.

In accordance with Health and Safety Code, Section 108.012(b), "the department may charge a person requesting public use or provider quality data a fee for the data.  The fees may reflect the quantity of information provided and the expense incurred by the department in collecting and providing the data. The executive commissioner by rule and shall be set the fees at a level that will raise revenue sufficient for the operation of the department.  The department may not charge a fee for providing public use data to another Texas state agency.  Chapter 108 may be viewed by clicking here.

The Hospital Emergency Department (ED) Public Use Data Files (PUDF)  include data from Inpatient PUDF and the Outpatient PUDF. The Inpatient PUDF contains patient-level information for patients which were admitted into the hospital for care. The inpatient hospital stay may last several hours to days, weeks or years, depending upon the condition or status of the patient before being discharged, transferred or expired; the Outpatient PUDF contains patient-level information for outpatient services that do not go more than twenty-four (24) hours from the time they are being treated in the hospital or ambulatory surgery center (ASC).

The Hospital ED PUDF is currently available for the first quarter 2016 through fourth quarter 2021.  The first quarter 2022 is tentatively scheduled to be released December 2022.

Purchasing the Hospital ED PUDF requires a completed Order Form, which includes a Data Use Agreement.  

Information on the data fields is included in the user manual available below.

The 2021 Hospital ED PUDF contains:

Number of Hospitals Number of Records      
 IP BaseIP ChargesOP Bases OP Charges
First quarter, 809 facilities
410,049 records
11,323,735 records
2,385,430 records
20,991,869 records
Second quarter, 813 facilities411,152 records
9,681,691 records
2,625,684 records
23,156,146 records
Third quarter, 817 facilities439,293 records 10,137,933 records
3,068,522 records
24,591,264 records 
Fourth quarter, 817 facilities414,199 records
9,584,088 records 2,896,344 records 23,976,539 records 

The 2020 Hospital ED PUDF contains:

Number of Hospitals  Number of Records       
 IP Base  IP Charges OP Base  OP Charges
First quarter, 503 facilities 410,367 records
8,803,361 records
2,483,855 records
20,397,393 records
Second quarter, 489 facilities 347,806 records
7,484,854 records 1,612,607 records
14,724,511 records 
Third quarter, 497 facilities386,828 records
10,290,344 records
1,849,868 records 17,068,467 records  
Fourth quarter, 790 facilities403,844 records
10,939,368 records
2,505,863 records 20,976,708 records

The 2019 Hospital ED PUDF contains:

Number of Hospitals Number of Records         
 IP Base IP ChargesOp BaseOP Charges
First quarter, 491 facilities 406,180 records
8,252,417 records
2,544,659 records
21,413,050 records
Second quarter, 492 facilities
398,940 records
8,017,296 records
2,463,527 records
21,350,818 records
Third quarter, 488 facilities400,377 records8,192,082 records
2,440,133 records
21,130,812 records
Fourth quarter, 489 facilities413,783 records
8,737,281 records
2,638,460 records 21,336,880 records

The 2018 Hospital ED PUDF contains:

Number of HospitalsNumber of Records      

IP Base IP ChargesOP Base OP Charges
First quarter, 496 facilities
409,776 records
7,835,239 records2,500,788 records
19,282,380 records
Second quarter, 487 facilities385,680 records
7,341,105 records
2,359,980 records
19,153,697 records
Third quarter, 492 facilities
382,461 records
7,593,268 records
2,319,929 records
19,275,555 records
Fourth quarter, 497 facilities390,017 records 7.788.331 records2,444,990 records20,692,681 records

The 2017 Hospital ED PUDF contains:

Number of Hospitals Number of Records     
  IP Base IP Charges OP BaseOP Charges 
First Quarter, 491 facilities389,694 records 7,531,666 records  2,369,061 records  18,888,359 records  
Second quarter, 483 facilities 374,777 records 7,068,705 records  2,309,112 records 18,724,107 records 
Third quarter, 441 facilities 368,002 records 6,917,547 records
2,232,450 records  17,951,759 records  
Fourth quarter, 494 facilities 390,192 records 7,347,775 records 2,477,301 records 19,192,622 records 
The 2016 Hospital ED PUDF contains:
Number of Hospitals Number of Records       
 IP Base
IP Charges OP Base OP Charges 
First quarter, 486 facilities 371,668 records 7,149,726 records  2,324,263 records 17,938,585 records 
Second quarter, 487 facilities 364,092 records 7,024,369 records 2,315,466 records 18,261,235 records 
Third quarter, 486 facilities 367,523 records 7,065,645 records  2,275,340 records 18,289,934 records  
Fourth quarter, 486 facilities 368,588 records 7,117,949 records  2,260,107 records 17,847,395 records 

Free Data Download

The Public Use Data File (PUDF) in fixed-length and tab-delimited format for 2016 is available for free download.

Technical Update

An update has been released for the third quarter 2019.  THCIC found that thirty (30) of the eighty (80) duplicates Outpatient data records in the 3rd quarter Outpatient 2019 data are ED Outpatient data. THCIC also found that sixty-one (61) of those seventy-nine (79) missing records from the 3rd quarter Outpatient 2019 data are ED Outpatient data. Therefore, THCIC reran the 3rd quarter ED Outpatient 2019 data to remove the duplicates and add the sixty-one (61) missing records to create a new 3rd quarter ED Outpatient 2019 data. THCIC will send you (fixed-length and tab-delimited files):

  • A new 3rd quarter ED Outpatient 2019 data named “ED-OP_base3q2019.txt” and a classification file named “ED-OP_classification_3q2019.txt”;
  • A dataset containing only the thirty (30) duplicate records (all data fields from the Base file) removed from the 3rd quarter ED Outpatient 2019 data named “ed_op_3q2019_dups.txt” and a classification file for the thirty (30) duplicate records named “ed-op_classification_dups_3q2019.txt”;
  • A dataset containing only the sixty-one (61) missing records (all data fields from the Base file) added to the new 3rd quarter ED Outpatient 2019 data named “ed_op_3q2019_miss.txt” and a classification file for the sixty-one (61) missing records named “ed_op_classification_miss_3q2019.txt”.

The thirty (30) duplicates Records ID removed from the 3rd quarter ED Outpatient 2019 data are listed in Table2 of the excel file named “THCIC ED 3Q2019 Duplicates Record IDs Addenda”. 

  • Third quarter, 2019 - ED Update Excel (10 KB)

An update has been released for the first quarter 2019 “ED Facility_type1q2019.txt” and “ED Facility_type1q2019_tab.txt” files. A number of facilities that submitted data were not included in those files. The update contains the correct reporting of the facilities and facility type information for the 1Q2019 Emergency Department Facility Type files. All other data files were correctly reported and in the appropriate data files. Released February 18, 2020

Data Purchasers

The list of organizations includes a variety of organizations that use the data for analysis. The listing includes recipients from 2003 through December 31, 2021. This list is updated annually. (January 5, 2022)

If you have suggestions or comments regarding ED PUDF data, please submit them to THCIC.

Last updated November 28, 2022