Anticipatory Guidance 18 Year Checkup


  • Support young adult when they need help

Development and Behavior

  • Transition to adulthood for health, social and work matters
  • Avoid alcohol/drugs/tobacco/steroid use
  • Manage conflict resolution in constructive/nonviolent manner
  • Before becoming sexually active, obtain information on protection against STDs/pregnancy
  • Adhere to agreed-on curfew, after-school/work activities
  • Attend school/work on time
  • Continue chores as participant in family support
  • Make decisions about education/work training with help of family
  • Practice independent decision skills/problem solving, making decision to engage in sexual activity
  • Signing consents for health/legal matters
  • Stay connected with family and discuss questions/fears with them as needed


  • Eat nutritious meals and snacks; limit sweets/sodas/high-fat foods
  • Focus on healthy weight
  • Make healthy food decisions

Routine Care

  • Establish tooth brushing routine twice a day; floss daily
  • Engage in physical activity for 1 hour/day
  • Self-breast/testicular exam
  • Recognize signs of depression/anxiety or other mental health issues and discuss with parents/trusted adult/doctor if needed
  • Pregnancy/STI prevention


  • Enroll in gun safety class if interested
  • Lock up guns for safety of others in household
  • No driving/riding in a car if use of alcohol/drugs involved
  • Self-safety in stalking/abusive relationship/bullying
  • Use seat belt for self at all times and all others in the car when driving
  • Use of helmet when riding bicycle, skating etc.


Last updated February 26, 2015