Anticipatory Guidance 9 Month Checkup


  • Maintain consistent family routine
  • Make 1:1 time for each child in family

Development and Behavior

  • Establish consistent bedtime routine
  • Limit TV time to 1-2 hours/day
  • Praise good behavior
  • Promote language using simple words
  • Provide age-appropriate toys
  • Provide favorite toy for self-soothing during sleep time
  • Provide nap time daily
  • Read books and talk about pictures/story using simple words
  • Separation anxiety common
  • Use distraction or choice of 2 appropriate options for discipline


  • Introduce cup and encourage use to begin weaning process
  • Offer juice in cup during snack time
  • No bottle in bed
  • Slowly increase choice of solids
  • Cut table foods small, no hot dogs cut into circles

Routine Care

  • Establish routine and assist with tooth brushing with soft brush twice a day


  • Lead risk assessment
  • Do not leave alone in bath water
  • Empty all buckets containing water
  • Home safety for fire/carbon monoxide poisoning, stair/window gates, electrical outlet covers, cleaning supplies, and medicines out of reach, remove all buckets
  • Lock up guns
  • No shaking baby (Shaken Baby Syndrome)
  • Provide safe/quality day care, if needed
  • Remove small toys/pins/plastic pieces to allow safe exploration
  • Use rear-facing car seat in back seat of car until child is at least 2 years old, or reaches the height and weight limit set by the car seat maker
Last updated July 23, 2015