Anticipatory Guidance-A Guide for Providers

Anticipatory guidance is a federally mandated component of each Texas Health Steps (THSteps) medical and dental checkup. Education and counseling provided during a THSteps medical checkup is aimed at assisting the child, parent and/or guardian in understanding expected growth and development. It also serves as a way to provide information about the benefits of healthy lifestyles and practices, as well as accident and disease prevention. Anticipatory guidance topics should be individualized and prioritized according to questions and concerns the child, parent and/or guardian may have as well as findings obtained during the completion of the health history and physical exam.

Anticipatory Guidance-A Guide for Providers has been designed specifically for THSteps providers. It offers age-appropriate anticipatory guidance topics for children birth through 20 years of age and mirrors anticipatory guidance topics included on the THSteps Child Health Record Forms. THSteps encourages providers to adapt and enhance the age-appropriate topics to meet the needs of each child, parent and/or guardian.

To view individual age-specific anticipatory guidance, or to print an age-specific PDF, click on the chart below -

AG table
Age Print
Discharge to 5 Days [ PDF 152KB]
2 Weeks [ PDF 94KB]
2 Months [ PDF 119KB]
4 Months [ PDF 92KB]
6 Months [ PDF 104KB]
9 Months [ PDF 80KB]
12 Months [PDF 80KB]
15 Months [ PDF 80KB]
18 Months [ PDF 80KB]
24 Months [ PDF 128KB]
30 Months [ PDF 80KB]
3 Years [ PDF 38KB]
4 Years [ PDF 39KB]
5 Years [ PDF 39KB]
6 Years [ PDF 39KB]
7 Years [ PDF 39KB]
8 Years [ PDF 39KB]
9 Years [ PDF 39KB]
10 Years [ PDF 39KB]
11 Years [ PDF 39KB]
12 Years [ PDF 39KB]
13 Years [ PDF 39KB]
14 Years [ PDF 39KB]
15 Years [ PDF 39KB]
16 Years [ PDF 40KB]
17 Years [ PDF 72KB]
18 Years [ PDF 39KB]
19 Years [ PDF 71KB]
20 Years [ PDF 39KB]

Click here to download a PDF that includes all ages, Discharge to 5 Days through 20 Years. [PDF 523KB]


Last updated February 27, 2019