THSteps Catalog Browse Only Instructions

The "BROWSE ONLY" site is only for viewing and downloading a PDF for printing . 

You are able to view and print all available publications with no log in or password required.

  • Click on the BROWSE ONLY button and you will automatically be taken to the THSteps catalog.
  • Open the "Main Menu" screen.
  • Click on “View Catalog Items” to open the catalog.
  • To browse through the pages, select the drop down arrow beside the page number and select a page number. The screen will automatically show the page selected.
  • To search the catalog by stock number or description, go to the search box located at the top left of the catalog screen.
  • Enter a partial or complete stock number, or you can use a keyword for the description, and then click on “Go.”

Printable items are indicated with a yellow starburst icon labeled “Click Here For Printable PDF”.

Last updated August 29, 2013