Texas Health Steps - Vision Screening and Services


Children enrolled in Texas Health Steps will have vision screenings during their medical checkups and a complete vision examination and services, if needed. For children needing further vision exams, these services include a visit to a doctor for an eye exam and, if needed, eyeglasses.

Eyeglasses are available once every two years. Eye exams are available once per state fiscal year (September 1 through August 31). This limit does not apply if the examination is for aphakia, disease, injury of the eye, or if medically necessary (for eyeglasses, defined as a 0.5 diopter change in one eye).

Appropriate vision screening is a mandatory part of each medical checkup.

Replacement of lost or broken eyewear is a benefit for Texas Health Steps clients.

Link to the Vision and Hearing Screening website for more information.

Last updated November 12, 2012