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    The Tier II Chemical Reporting Program is within the Division for Regulatory Services.

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The TXT2 Number is an assigned number for companies filing Texas Tier Two Chemical Reports. You may use the same TXT2 Number for all your facilities as long as they are owned or operated under the same owner/operator. If you already have a TXT2 Number from previous filing, please use that same TXT2 Number for future reporting years.

TXT2 Number Application Form
Download the Form in PDF or Word

Tier Two Reporting Forms

As of July 26, 2006, Tier Two Reports must be submitted as electronic data files that were prepared using either the free Tier2 Submit software program (see Tier2 Submit Button below) or another software program that can produce data files that match the exact file structure and zip format of Tier2 Submit data files. If you are planning to submit an electronic Tier Two data file that has has been prepared using any software program other than Tier2 Submit, please contact the Tier II Chemical Reporting Program to obtain advance approval for your submission.

Because of this change in reporting requirements, the Tier II Chemical Reporting Program will no longer be providing hard copy Tier Two reporting forms on this website. If you have questions concerning preparation of the electronic Tier Two Reports, please contact the Tier II Chemical Reporting Program at:

Telephone: 1-800-452-2791 (toll-free in Texas) or

512-834-6603 (for callers outside Texas)

Email: Tier Two Help


Tier2 Submit Software Program

Click the following link if you wish to download and install the Tier2 Submit software program on your computer. The software is available for both Windows and Macintosh. 

NOTE: Tier2 Submit Software requires that a user have Full Control over the Tier2 Submit folders or Administrative Rights to your computer for the user to be able to edit the records. It has come to our attention that many of you (without your knowledge) may have lost administrative rights to your computer in the past year and are now having difficulties that you have never had in the past. Please check with your IT staff to help correct this problem.

See our General Publications for Tier2 Submit Help Documents.

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Last updated August 09, 2013