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Volver a Prevención y Control del Tabaco 

DSHS Materials

Toolkit Cover

Provider Toolkit (1/2021) 

Fact Sheets and Flyers (PDF)

COVID and Tobacco (PDF)
Tobacco Quitline 2019

Tobacco-Associated Cancers Fact Sheet (PDF)
Yes! I'm Ready to Quit (PDF)
¡Sí! Estoy listo para dejar el tabaco (PDF)
No, I'm Not Ready to Quit (PDF)
¡No, aún no estoy listo para dejar de fumar! (PDF)
Tobacco and My Baby (PDF)
Vapes Down Youth Flyer (PDF)
Vapes Down Young Adult Flyer (PDF)
Youth Tobacco Use Fact Sheet - 2020 (PDF)

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 Yes Quit Cards - English
Yes Quit Cards - English

Yes Quit Card - Spanish(2)
Yes Quit Cards - Spanish
Yes Quit Brochure Cover

Yes! I'm Ready to Quit Brochure

Yes! I'm Ready to Quit Flyer (PDF)

¡Sí! Estoy listo para dejar el tabaco (Yes! I'm Ready to Quit Spanish Flyer) (PDF) 

smoking and my baby SS

Smoking and My Baby

smoking and my baby spanish SS

El Fumar y mi Bebé

no im not ready to quit SS

No, I’m Not Ready to Quit

no im not ready to quit spanish SS

No, Estov, Listo para Dejar de Fumar

youre never too young to get addicted SS 

You’re Never Too Young to Get Addicted

youre never too young to get addicted spanish SS

Nunca eres Demasiado Joven para Volverte Adicto

no smoking SS 

No Smoking 

no smoking spanish SS

Prohibido Fumar

no smoking sign- schools

No Smoking, E-Cigarettes, or Dipping 

Tobacco Use and COVID19 2020

Tobacco Use and COVID-19

Living Smoke-free Toolkit

Living Smoke-Free: Texas Public Housing Authorities Toolkit

Quit Calendar 2019

DSHS Quit Calendar

Tobacco Myths 2019 SS

Tobacco Myths

tobacco infographic

Texas Tobacco Infographic

don't inhale your food facts

Share Air- Don't Inhale Your Food Facts

smoke free pledge 2019

Smoke-free Pledge

Additional Materials

Smokeless Truth fact sheet 052019


E-cigarette Truth fact sheet


hookah Truth fact sheet


Secondhand Smoke Truth fact sheet

Secondhand Smoke

FDA e-cigarette infographic

FDA: Understanding the dangers of teen e-cigarette use infographic

FDA 2018 data infographic

FDA: 2018 National Youth Tobacco Survey Finds Cause For Concern Infographic

Know Your Risks

Know the Risks Campaign

FDA print materials SS

FDA Educational Materials

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