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Managing Diabetes

Participating in a diabetes self-management education (DSME) and support program can help manage diabetes, prevent complications, and reduce diabetes symptoms such as fatigue, pain, and depression. Find out how a diabetes self-management program can help you learn more and feel better about living with diabetes.

DSME and support programs provide knowledge, skills, and support to manage diabetes and prevent complications. Trained instructors conduct the classes and address the needs, goals, and life experiences of people with diabetes. These programs guide participants on healthy eating, active living and problem solving. Participants also learn how to monitor blood sugar, take medication, reduce risk for and/or manage other health conditions, and cope with diabetes.

Find an accredited/recognized diabetes self-management education program near you.  

Diabetes State Engagement Calls and Webinars

Organizations dedicated to implementing diabetes prevention programs are invited to participate in statewide teleconference calls and webinars. These are opportunities for peer-to-peer learning, sharing and problem solving.

For more information, please email diabetes@dshs.texas.gov.

DSHS Funded Areas

DSHS provides support to organizations to provide quality, evidence-based diabetes self-management education and support in communities across Texas. All of these organizations are working toward, have achieved, or are assisting other organizations with meeting the requirements described in the 2017 National Standards for Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support.

City of Houston Health Department  

Harris County

City of Laredo Health Department  

Webb County

City of San Antonio Metropolitan Health District  

Bexar County

Northeast Texas Public Health District  

Smith and Wood counties

University of Texas at El Paso (The Diabetes Garage)  

Bexar, Cameron, and El Paso counties

University of Texas Medical Branch  

Galveston County and Greater Houston area  

Last updated January 10, 2022