Processing Birth Certificates for Election Identification from Offices Not Linked to the Remote Birth Access System

Local registrar offices will service applicants requesting a birth certificate for the purpose of obtaining an Election Identification Certificate (EIC) from the Texas Department of Public Safety.

1.  Customer accurately and completely fills out and submits an EIC Application for Election Identification Birth Certificate. 

2.  Customer submits valid government-issued or acceptable primary identification to the local registrar office.

3.  Local registrar office reviews application for accuracy, completeness, and eligibility.

4.  Local registrar office reviews identification for accuracy and validity.

5.  Local registrar will not collect a fee for the record.

6.  Local registrar office employee locates the requested long form record.

7.  Local registrar office employee stamps “For Election Purposes Only—Cannot Be Used As Identification” on the certified copy to be issued.  (Stamp provided by the Vital Statistics Unit.)

Note: EIC birth certificate can only be issued once during the customer’s lifetime.

Last updated October 19, 2015