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    Identification Requirements

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Qualified Applicant - Proper Identification Requirements

Qualified Applicant/Proper Identification Requirements

Title 25 Texas Administrative Code 181.28


Properly Qualified Applicant Acceptable Documentation

1. In accordance with Health and Safety Code, 191.051, "Certified Copies," all lobby and mail-in applications submitted to obtain certified documents must meet the guidelines set out in this rule. 

2. All applicants for certified documents must present proof of identity acceptable to the State Registrar.
3. All requests for certified documents must be submitted on a state-approved application or in a format that is acceptable to the State Registrar.
4. All lobby and mail-in applications submitted to obtain certified documents must contain the applicant's signature.
5. All applicants must sufficiently identify the vital record that is of interest at the time of request.
6. All primary identification documents must have a United States issuance origin.
7. All identification documents must be verifiable by the source that issued the document.
8. The Vital Statistics Unit shall retain a photocopy of all documents submitted and accepted as proof of identification in accordance with the retention period in subsection (e) of this section.
9. All applicants must present identification consistent with the following identification requirements:
        A) primary identification outlined in paragraph 10 of this subsection; or
        B) secondary identification reflected in paragraph 11 of this subsection; and
        C) supporting documentation stated in paragraph 12 of this subsection.

An ID is needed to process all applications. Please select/see one of the three groups below for acceptable documentation.

1. One (1) item from GROUP A (Primary) OR

2. Two (2) items from GROUP B (Secondary) OR

3. Three items: One (1) item from Group B PLUS two (2) items from Group C (Supporting)


Last updated May 8, 2017