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Many local registrars in Texas now have the ability to issue birth certificates to native-born Texans anywhere in the state through use of the TxEVER system, which was created by the Vital Statistics Section of the Texas Department of State Health Services.  Local registrar offices that have agreed to the terms and conditions of the TxEVER remote birth contract have access to the TxEVER database.

Upon a qualified applicant's request, the TxEVER system prints an abstract of birth facts at the local registrars' office.  This abstract is a legal birth certificate and is used by native Texans as their basic identity document.

The TxEVER system should only be used to issue a certified copy of a birth certificate.  However, recent statewide reports have shown an unusually high number of TxEVER remote birth searches conducted without printing a certified copy to issue to the customer.

The state is committed to strengthening safeguards to reduce the risk of fraud.  Documentary evidence such as a customer application is required to be completed for every search conducted in the TxEVER system.

Search-to-Print Ratios   Proper Remote Birth Access Process

Last updated March 27, 2020