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Local Registrar Self-Assessment Survey

2020 Local Registrar Self-Assessment Survey

The 2020 Local Registrar Self-Assessment Survey is coming soon.

The survey is due Fall 2020.

To complete the Self-Assessment survey, you will need:

  • knowledge of office policies and procedures;
  • ability to view your birth/death indexes;
  • numbers for births/deaths registered and birth/death certified copies issued;
  • names and TxEVER User IDs of vital record employees; and
  • contact information for any branch/annex locations.

Please send the survey and necessary attachments in 1 email to fieldservices@dshs.texas.gov   These include a birth/death application, a recent Civil Fees Report, redacted births marked "DECEASED," and a page of the security paper log.

Please contact Field Services at fieldservices@dshs.texas.gov if you have questions, technical difficulties, your response did not save, or if you need a copy of your submitted response.

Last updated May 19, 2020