Texas Marriage and Divorce Records

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Marriage and Divorce Index Disclaimer

Marriage and Divorce Indexes prepared by the Vital Statistics Unit may contain data entry errors or misreported data, and users of the indexes may discover misspelled names, incorrect dates, or missing data. Ongoing corrections are made to the original record, therefore these indexes may not reflect the most recent information.

Marriage and Divorce indexes are not themselves legal documents and are prepared only as aids in locating the records upon which they are based.


If you believe that an original marriage licenses contains an error, you may contact the Local Registrar's office in the county where the marriage license is filed. The Vital Statistics Unit website lists the addresses of all Local Registrars' offices in Texas.

If you believe that an original divorce decree contains an error, you may contact the district clerk's office in the county where the decree is filed.

How To Use The Files Once You Have Downloaded Them


If you are operating in a Windows environment, follow the directions below.
If you are operating in a Macintosh environment Click HERE.
For alternatives to these methods, see "ALTERNATIVES TO DOWNLOADING ENTIRE DATA FILES" below.


  1. After you have downloaded the marriage or divorce file(s) you wish to use, and
  2. Downloaded Programmer's File Editor (PFE) (File size 623kb, download time: 3 minutes with a 28.8k modem).
  3. Go into Windows Explorer.
  4. Go to the Subdirectory in which you downloaded the file.
  5. Double click on the index file (example: marr70.exe). This will run an MS Dos program which will create the data file with the extension .txt.
  6. Close the MS-DOS Window.
  7. To load the PFE program into your computer, follow the same procedures above but clicking on PFE.exe.
  8. Run PFE by clicking on the PFE icon.
  9. Using the pull-down menu in PFE, click on file, then open.
  10. Find the data file with the .txt extension (example: marr70.txt).
  11. click on the file and click

You should then be able to view the data record.


Alternatives To Downloading Entire Data Files

Other options currently available to you are:

Marriage Indexes
Divorce Indexes


For questions concerning problems with downloading or viewing data files click HERE
For questions or problems concerning the content of the data files click HERE


Last updated May 12, 2010