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Marriage License Application Indexes

Marriage License Application Indexes are a compilation of the marriage license applications that are sent to VSS from the county clerk in which the marriage license is filed.

Marriage License Application Indexes prepared by VSS may contain data entry errors or misreported data, and users of the indexes may discover misspelled names, incorrect dates, or missing data. Ongoing corrections are made to the original record; therefore, these indexes may not reflect the most recent information.

Marriage License Application Indexes are not themselves legal documents and are prepared only as aids in locating the county where the marriage license was performed. If you would like information on where the license was filed, we offer a verification of marriage search

If you believe that an original marriage license contains an error, you may contact the county clerk's office in the county where the marriage license is filed. The VSS website lists the addresses of the county clerks' offices in Texas.

The files below are in compressed format. Click on a year to download an index file for that year.

Our Marriage License Application Indexes cannot be considered comprehensive. To receive information on marriages prior to 1966, or if you cannot locate a marriage in our indexes, you must contact the county clerks' office in the county in which the marriage was purchased and filed.

Note: The Opens Records Act states that information collected, assembled, or maintained under a law or ordinance by a governmental body in the state of Texas is open to the public unless otherwise expressly provided by law [Government Code §552.001 & §552.002].

There are no provisions in state law to allow for an entry to be removed from a marriage index. Currently, the only way to have information removed from our marriage records is if a District Court issues an order specifically ordering our office to remove it from our public indexes.

Sec. 194.003. STATE INDEX. (a) The bureau of vital statistics shall maintain a statewide alphabetical index, under the names of both parties, of each marriage license application or declaration of informal marriage. The statewide index does not replace the indexes required in each county.(b) The bureau of vital statistics shall maintain a statewide alphabetical index, under the names of both parties, of each report of divorce or annulment of marriage.

Field Contents
(In Order from Left to Right)

File Number
Husband's Name (Last, First MI)
Husband's Age
Wife's Name Prior to First Marriage (Maiden) (Last, First MI)
Wife's Age
Marriage Date
Place Where the Marriage Was Performed

The marriage files are quite large ranging between 140,000 to 166,000 records. Many programs, (i.e., some spreadsheets and word processors) have a limit to the number of records that can be viewed at a time. Please make sure the software you use to view these records is capable of loading large numbers of records.

You will need a ZIP file extractor to open the files.  

† The format of each file may vary depending on the year.

List of Indexes by Year
2018 (available summer 2021) 2019 (available summer 2022) 2020 (available summer 2023) 2022 (available summer 2024)
2014, file size 4.8 MB (.zip) 2015, file size 4.9 MB (.zip) 2016, file size 4.4 MB (.zip) 2017, file size 5.3 MB (.zip)
2010, file size 5.0 MB (.zip) 2011, file size 5.0 MB (.zip) 2012, file size 4.7 MB (.zip) 2013, file size 4.5 MB (.zip)
2009, file size 5.2 MB (.zip) 2008, file size 5.4 MB (.zip) 2007, file size 5.1 MB (.zip) 2006, file size 5.5 MB (.zip)
2005, file size 5.4 MB (.zip) 2004, file size 5.4 MB (.zip) 2003, file size 5.5 MB (.zip) 2002, file size 5.6 MB (.zip)
2001, file size 5.1 MB (.zip) 2000, file size 4.9 MB (.zip) 1999, file size 5.0 MB (.zip) 1998, file size 4.4 MB (.zip)
1997, file size 5.0 MB (.zip) 1996, file size 4.8 MB (.zip) 1995, file size 4.8 MB (.zip) 1994, file size 4.9 MB (.zip)
1993, file size 4.8 MB (.zip) 1992, file size 4.8 MB (.zip) 1991, file size 4.8 MB (.zip) 1990, file size 4.8 MB (.zip)
1989, file size 4.6 MB (.zip) 1988, file size 4.7 MB (.zip) 1987, file size 5.1 MB (.zip) 1986, file size 4.4 MB (.zip)
1985, file size 5.4 MB (.zip) 1984, file size 5.6 MB (.zip) 1983, file size 5.3 MB (.zip) 1982, file size 5.3 MB (.zip)
1981, file size 5.2 MB (.zip) 1980, file size 4.8 MB (.zip) 1979, file size 4.6 MB (.zip) 1978, file size 4.5 MB (.zip)
1977, file size 4.3 MB (.zip) 1976, file size 4.2 MB (.zip) 1975, file size 4.1 MB (.zip) 1974, file size 4.0 MB (.zip)
1973, file size 4.0 MB (.zip) 1972, file size 2.3 MB (.zip)* 1971, file size 3.7 MB (.zip) 1970, file size 3.7 MB (.zip)
1969, file size 3.8 MB (.zip) 1968, file size 3.7 MB (.zip) 1967, file size 1.0 MB (.zip) 1966, file size 2.8 MB (.zip)

Indexes with an asterisks (*) are incomplete and cannot be repaired at this time.  Please visit the Marriage Verification webpage if you would like Vital Statistics Unit to conduct a search for a information on a particular marriage license application.

Marriage License Application Indexes before 1966 are not available due to the fact that Marriage Applications were not filed with the State offices until 1966.

For questions or problems, email fieldservices@dshs.texas.gov.

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Last updated July 27, 2020