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Acceptable IDs

Proper identification (ID) is needed to process your application. Please select one of the three groups below and provide the requested items.

  1. One (1) Item from Group A or
  2. Two (2) Items from Group B or
  3. Three (3) Items one (1) item from Group B PLUS two (2) items from Group C

1 Group A – PRIMARY ACCEPTABLE ID - Please provide one (1) of Group A ID

Note: The applicant’s identification must contain the applicant’s name and photograph that establishes the applicant’s identity. [TAC 181.28(i)(10)(C)]

  • Driver's License;
  • Federal or State Identification card;
  • Federal, State or City law enforcement employment identification card, or employment badge accompanied by employment identification card;
  • Offender Identification card issued by the Department of Criminal Justice correctional facility or institution;
  • Military Identification card;
  • Department of Homeland Security, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) issued:
    • Employment Authorization Document (EAD);
    • Permanent Resident Card (green card);
    • Travel Documents:
      • Re-entry Permit;
      • Refugee Travel Permit; or
      • Advance Parole.
    • SENTRI Card; or
    • U.S. Citizen Identification Card.
  • United States Department of State issued:
    • Border Crossing Card (B1 for business or pleasure or B2 medical purposes); or
    • Visa
  • Concealed Handgun License;
  • Pilot's license; or
  • United States Passport.

2 Group B - SECONDARY ACCEPTABLE ID - Please provide two (2) of Group B ID’s

Note: At least one of the documents must contain the applicant’s name, signature, or identifiable photo of the applicant. [TAC 181.28(i)(11)(C)]

  • Current student identification;
  • Any Primary Identification that is expired;
  • Signed Social Security card, or Numident;
  • DD Form 214 Certificate of Release;
  • Medicaid card or Medicare card;
  • Veterans Affairs card;
  • Medical insurance card;
  • Foreign Passport accompanied by a Visa issued by the United States Department of State;
  • Foreign Passport in accordance with the United States Department of State, Visa Waiver Program;
  • Certified birth certificate from the Department of State (FS-240, DS-1350 or FS-545);
  • Private Company Employment Identification card;
  • Form I-94 - accompanied by the applicant's Visa or Passport;
  • Mexican voter registration card; or
  • Foreign Identification with identifiable photo of applicant (this includes the Honduran Consular Certification and the El Salvador Consular Certificate)

Group C – SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS - Please provide One (1) From Group B and (2) TWO FROM GROUP C

  • Recent Utility bill with current address
  • Recent Paycheck stub
  • Public assistance applications or letters
  • Signed valid voter’s registration card
  • Police report of stolen identification
  • Official School transcript
  • Bank account statement
  • Social security letter
  • Marriage license
  • Divorce decree
  • Certified birth certificate from a state other than Texas, District of Columbia or other country
  • Automobile insurance card or contract
  • Lease agreement
  • Loan or installment payment contract
  • Promissory notes or loan contracts
  • Court order
  • Property titles or liens
  • Automobile titles
  • Library card
  • Fishing or hunting license
  • Recent Medical records and bills
  • Auto registration
  • Religious records w/signature of religious official
  • Expired secondary document
  • Recent Rent receipt with address and name
  • Recent Cell phone bill or contract
  • Federal, state, or local tax records
  • Dept. of Homeland Security Notices or correspondence

Last updated May 7, 2019