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Rider 72

 Rider 72

Strengthening the Texas Birth Record Information System

New Policy Concerning Criminal Background Checks

In an effort to strengthen and safeguard the integrity of the Texas Birth Record Information System, the Department of State Health Services (DSHS) in conjunction with the workgroup established as a provision of the General Appropriations Act (Rider 72, H.B. 1, 82nd Texas Legislature, Regular Session), developed thirty recommendations that address the security and effectiveness of the state’s birth record information system.  State Office Branch Manager Lonzo Kerr has developed procedures to implement Rider 72 Recommendation 2, which requires that all individuals who can register a birth record or interact with the birth record information system undergo a criminal history background check. The policy is available here.

You may review additional Rider 72 recommendations in the Full Report link below. Please submit any questions or concerns regarding this matter to Field Services at fieldservices@dshs.texas.gov.

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Vital Statistics Unit – Rider 72 Report, “Strengthening the Texas Birth Record Information System”

Last updated February 24, 2017