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Frequently Asked Questions


The following questions were submitted to WIC EBT Support. We have attempted to answer each question as clearly as possible.


Question 1: Does the State have a specified APL and HCL file retention period for vendors?

Response: The State retains a copy of all APL and HCL files for a period of 3 years. Vendors are not required to archive APL and HCL files but may want to keep copies for research purposes.


Question 2: How do I apply to become a authorized WIC EBT grocer?

Response:Contact Vendor Operations for additional information on becoming an authorized WIC EBT Grocer.  Vendor Operation contact information is available on the Food Issuance and Redemption Services Unit Contacts page.


Question 3: How do I apply to become a authorized WIC EBT system reseller?

Response:Send an e-mail to WICEBTSUPPORT@dshs.state.tx.us with your contact information and the system you are marketing. A member of the certification team will contact you to discuss the process. 


Question 4:  Who are the authorized WIC EBT system resellers for Texas?

Response:  A current list of dealers, distributors and resellers of WIC certified ECR systems is available on the WIC EBT Certified ECR Systems page.


Question 5:  How is the 60-day window vendors have for submitting claims calculated? Is it 60 days from the first day to spend or 60 days from the transaction date?  

Response: EBT claims must be submitted by the 15th day of the month following the transaction date. Vendors are required to provide wholesale/supplier purchase invoices to DSHS within 60 calendar days of request by DSHS.


Question 6: Is training required before a grocer is authorized to accept the WIC EBT card?

Response:  WIC EBT grocer training requirements are available in the document Policy No. WV:08.0 WIC Vendor Training.


Question 7: What are the current Message Reason Codes?

Response:  Send an email to wicebtsupport@dshs.state.tx.us to request a copy of the message reason codes.


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Last updated September 18, 2012