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New EOD Procedures

Since our conversion to Active Directory (AD)setting up workstations at the end of the day has changed.  All clinic workstations must be re-started prior to an End of Day. After restarting the workstations one of the clinic staff needs to log in to Windows on the Workstation 1 and leave the workstation at the Texas-WIN login screen.

Workstation 1 setup procedures have not changed.

TexasWIN must be active, and on the logon screen, in order for an EOD to properly run.  The procedure for workstation 1 has been left un-changed.  Each morning the Workstation 1 needs to be re-started before the clinic starts working in Texas-WIN.  We recommend doing this before clinic staff login to Windows on the other workstations. 

Leave WS1 only at this screen at the end of the day.

End Of Day log in screen


WS1 should be on this screen when you come in the next morning.

End of Day next morning screen

In the past, all workstation 2’s were turned off.  This is no longer necessary, as we want to be able to push Windows updates.  Going forward, all clinics are advised to restart the machines, in order to clear the network sessions and release any holds on TexasWin.  A note for the clinic staff to watch out for is to verify that ALL machines were actually re-started, and the screens are showing CTRL+AL+DEL ONLY.   In the new AD environment, if a user walks away from a machine for a set period of time, the machine will lock itself.   If this is the case, below the CTRL+ALT+DEL message, will be a notification stating “User Runwic is logged in.”   If staff are simply walking by doing a spot-check at the end of the day, they may miss this important notification and not realize that there is a user logged in, which could disrupt the EOD process. Therefore it is recommended to all staff, that each machine is carefully checked prior to leaving, to ensure that ONLY the ctrl+alt+del screen is up, and that no users are logged in.  Staff must be aware of the difference, or the EOD process will be problematic.

Leave all other WS’s at this screen at the end of the day.

End Of Day screen at the end of the day

If you have any questions please contact the WIC Automation Help Desk at 1-800-650-1328.

Hours of Operation:

Monday thru Thursday
7:00 AM to 6:30 PM

7:00 AM to 5:30 PM

8:00 AM to 1:00 PM

Last updated July 29, 2014