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WIC Help Desk Trouble Shooting Tips


The following tips are provided as a way for you to try and diagnose common problems associated with Texas-WIN. They are not intended to replace the assistance that is provided by the Help Desk; rather they are available to assist you in determining if your problem can be corrected by your clinic or requires the assistance of a Help Desk Analyst.

EBT Early Card Pull Procedure

What should I do when the EBT card is removed from the card reader during benefit issuance, benefit void and reissue or benefit replacement?

NOTE: If your computer freezes during the issuance process or Texas-WIN exits unexpectedly, please call the Helpdesk as soon as possible.

Scenario: Texas-WIN is placing benefits on the card for one or more WIC participants.During the issuance process (while the computer is in the process of writing the benefits to the EBT card) the card is removed from the reader / writer. Frequently the card is pulled from the reader / writer by a curious youngster. To limit unwanted access to the reader / writer, turn it to face you when it is not in use by the WIC client.If the EBT card is removed from the reader / writer before the message “Did the Shopping List finish printing Correctly? Y / N” appears, please complete the following procedure.

NOTE: Do not attempt to resolve this issue by using the Void Benefits option in TXWin!

  1. Reinsert the card into the reader / writer. Clear any error messages by pressing the spacebar. If you are asked if you want to print a copy of the shopping list, answer Yes. If you were not asked if you want to print a copy of the shopping list, please print one by going to Reports \ Certifications \ EBT Card Reports \ Issuance Receipt.
  2. Return to the TexasWIN main menu and press F11 – clear PAN.
  3. Go to Issuance \ Standard Issuance and press F3 to read the PAN.
  4. Answer the questions in the family options box (NE Code, Issue Frequency, and One-Time single issue).
  5. Compare the shopping list to the issuance screen. Ask yourself the following questions:
  • Are checkmarks remaining? (There shouldn’t be.) If the answer is “yes” please call the Helpdesk right away.
  • Does the LAST ISS date reflect the first of the month for the last month issued?  Example: you issued for March, April and May.  The LAST ISS date should reflect May 1st. If it does not appear to be correct, please call the Helpdesk right away.
  • Are the benefit quantities on the shopping list correct? If you are not sure you can refer to the EBT Food Code Description Guide.  If the benefits quantities are not correct please call the Helpdesk right away.

How and when do I use the EBT Void Benefit Feature?

Note: Clinic staff should not use this feature when Texas-WIN issues extra benefits to a card, such as when a card is removed from the reader during benefit issuance.  In these situations clinic staff needs to contact the helpdesk at 800-650-1328 for a resolution before the participant leaves the clinic.  In addition to verifying the benefits on the EBT card, helpdesk staff will need to check the Texas-WIN database for problems.

If clinic staff realizes that the void benefit feature was accidentally used to correct the issuance of extra benefits they still need to call the helpdesk. We can research the database and shopping list to determine if there is a discrepancy between the EBT card and the Texas-WIN database.

What can be done for the “Invalid Card Type Detected” Message?

Attempt to clean chip on card, (we recommend an alcohol wipe and a soft cloth) and read again on different card reader. If you receive same message, please call IRM for further assistance. The phone number is 877-341-4491. Choose option 6, then option 4.

What if the Card Reader reads Texas/New Mexico?

  • If the card reader is attached, verify it is installed in correct port. For Workstations 1’s only, (since there is a modem in COM1) the EBT Card Reader should be installed in COM2. COM 2 is the nine-pin connector located in the computer card slot section, on the back bottom section of the computer, not labeled with a colored background.
  • All workstations besides WS1, verify the card reader is installed on COM1:, which is the nine-pin connector in the center of the back of the computer labeled with the aqua blue background.
  • Reseat the RS232 cable located behind the card reader by sliding back the rubber connecter cover and unplugging and plugging it back in securely until you hear a click. Restart the computer. Log back in to Texas-WIN, and if the problem still occurs call help desk for assistance.

I need to TR lock a client that has a PAN. What do I do?

A client that is changing custody requires a TR lock placed on the client's record. We refer to these as a Split Family Transfer. These locks are now placed by your IRM liasion. They can be reached 1-877-341-4491, option 6, option 4.

It takes a long time to clear my card reader when I hit F11. What can I check?

A common problem with card readers is the connection from the computer to the card reader. Since the card reader resides on a swivel and is able to twist back and forth, the connection can become loose.

Before calling the Help Desk, you can unplug the rs232 cable from the back of the card reader. This is the cable that resembles a telephone jack. When you reconnect the cable, make sure you feel it click into the rs232 port, similar to placing a telephone jack into the wall or phone. If you're unable to reconnect it properly, pull down the rubber casing at the top of the cable to give it sufficient room to connect. After reconnecting, be sure to reboot your workstation. After logging back in, try and locate a client and test the card after resetting your terminal. If still unsuccessful or unsure, please call the Help Desk.

How can I tell if the UPS (battery backup) needs to be replaced?

Most Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS) have an LED on the front that identifies when it needs to be replaced. If the replace battery LED is illuminated, call the Help Desk for a replacement. You can also call us if the UPS begins beeping.

Procedures For End Of Day Processing


Last updated April 25, 2018