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Food Handler Program (FHP) -- Food Establishments Group


The Food Handler Education or Training Program (FHP) §229.178 is based on Senate Bill (SB) 552 of the 80th Legislature (2007), regarding the accreditation of basic food safety education or training programs for food handlers.

This rule is intended to provide the framework for the accrediting food safety education or training programs for food handlers. A uniform standard governing the accreditation of food handler programs enhances the recognition of reciprocity among regulatory agencies and reduces the expense of duplicate education incurred when food handlers work in multiple regulatory jurisdictions. Education of the food handlers provides more qualified employees, thereby reducing the risk of foodborne illness outbreaks caused by improper food preparation and handling techniques.

The Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS), Food Handler Program, along with the Certified Food Manager Program, is dedicated to the health and safety of the citizens of the state, educating food service employees in the principles of food safety to produce safe food products for Texas consumers.

Please email the Certified Food Manager Program if you would like additional information, or telephone (512) 834-6727.

Accredited DSHS Food Handler Training Programs

Accredited DSHS Classroom Training    (PDF 73KB)

Accredited DSHS Online Training  (PDF 77KB)

Accredited Private Training  -- Accredited PRIVATE Food Handler Programs DO NOT offer training to the public.  (PDF 87KB)

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Accredited Food Handler Training Programs by American National Standards Institute (ANSI)

Accredited ANSI Food Handler Training Programs

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Accredited Food Handler Training Programs "Sample Certificates"

All Food Handler Certificates now display a watermark in the form of text, graphics or background. The watermarks were added June 1, to September 28, 2009, to ensure certificate authenticity. If you have a question regarding a food handler certificate, please contact the issuing Food Handler Program for information or verification.

A + Food Industry Inspections, Inc.   (PDF 85KB)

Absolutely Certified Texas Food Handler Program (PDF 1,324 KB)

Adept On-Site Services Prior to May 7, 2012   (PDF 45KB)

Advance Service Training   (PDF 1.3MB)

Allen I. S. D. Student Nutrition Program   (PDF 29KB)

Brookshire Grocery Company(PDF 201KB)

Caritas of Austin (PDF 269KB)

City of Austin EHS Food Handler Training   (PDF 82 KB)

City of Baytown Food Handler Certificate (PDF 127 KB)

City of Gun Barrel City Food Handler Program License #78 (PDF 264 KB)

CST SERVICES LLC (Formerly  Valero Retail Holding Inc.)  (PDF 278KB)

DFW Food Handlers - Effective February 5, 2013 (PDF 191KB)

eFoodHandlers (PDF 65KB)

El Paso Food Handlers   (PDF 209KB)  (Now known as Food Handlers of Texas  (PDF 205KB)

First Defense Food Handler Training   (PDF 28KB)

Grayson County Health Department  License #8 - Effective June 2015  (PDF 2.8MB)

Food Handler Classes License #41  (PDF 68KB)

Food Handler Classes License #80- Effective May 2015  (PDF 151KB)

Food Handlers of Texas  (PDF 205KB)  (formerly El Paso Food Handlers   (PDF 78KB))    

Food Marketing Institute (FMI)   (PDF 412KB)

Food Safety Direct (in English)   (PDF 253KB)

Food Safety Direct (in Spanish)  (PDF 268KB)

Food Safety International, L.L.C.   (PDF 604KB)

Food Safety Sense - Effective March 26, 2014  (PDF 126KB)

Food Safety Sense - Prior to March 26, 2014   (PDF 88KB)

Food Safety Training Course(PDF 70KB)

Healthinspectionorg   (PDF 375KB)

Jack in the Box   (PDF 121KB)  

Learn2Serve.com Effective Effective June 2014(PDF 653KB)

Learn2Serve.com  Effective Prior to June 2014 (PDF 121KB) 

Lone Star Food Safety  (PDF 663KB)

Marks Safety Consultant Service - Effective December 2014   (PDF 865KB)

Marks Safety Consultant Service - Prior to December 2014   (PDF 865KB)

MindLeaders, Inc. Prior to October 2014 – Now known as Skillsoft Corporation  (PDF 142KB)

Mineral Wells, City of  Effective October 2014 (PDF 62KB)

Mineral Wells, City of  Prior to October 2014 (PDF 62KB)

Ms. Ree's Food Safety   (PDF 121KB)

MyFoodHandler.com (1MB)

National Registry of Food Safety Professionals Effective February 13, 2013 (PDF 152KB)

NEHA Food Safety Training    (PDF, 1.54MB, Large File, Long Download)

Plano, City of   (PDF 37KB)

Premier Food Safety Effective February 23, 2012 (PDF 731KB)

Professional Server Certification Corporation Effective January 2, 2014 (PDF 1MB)

Professional Server Certification Corporation Wallet Card Effective January 2, 2014 (PDF 183KB)

Public Health Education   (PDF 83KB)

RaceTrac Petroleum, Inc. Effective January 10, 2014 (PDF 264KB)

RaceTrac Petroleum, Inc.  Prior to January 10, 2014 (PDF 176KB)

RGV Certification Zone License #79 (PDF 184KB)

Safe Food Solutions #59 - Effective July 2014

Safe Food Solutions  (PDF 162KB) - Prior to July 2014

Safe Food 4 U - License # 55 - Effective November 2012 (PDF 146KB)

Safe Food 4 U - License # 14 - Effective November 2012 (PDF 72KB)  

Safe Food 4 U (Spanish) (PDF 99KB)

SafeFoodTest.com - (PDF 3MB)

ServSafe Starters - Classroom   (PDF 176KB)

ServSafe Starters - Online   (PDF 234KB)

Skillsoft Corporation - License # 39 - Effective October 2014 – Formerly MindLeaders Inc.  (PDF 112KB)

StateFoodSafety.com - License # 3 - Effective November 2014 (PDF 808KB)

StateFoodSafety.com - License # 3 -- Prior to November 2014 (PDF 63KB)

StateFoodSafety.com - License # 38 - Prior August 2014 (PDF 335KB)

Sonic Drive-In  (PDF 2MB)

Stripes   (PDF 84KB)

Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service License # 76 - Effective July 2014

Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service License #6 - Effective April 2012  (PDF 88KB)

Texas Best Food Services Training (3MB)

TexasFoodCard.com license # 21- Effective December 2014 (PDF 328MB)

TexasFoodCard.com, license # 21- Prior to December 2014 (PDF 8MB)

Texas FoodCard.com - Prior to October 2014 (PDF 577KB)

TexasFoodHandler.com/Safeway Certifications - Effective June 2013 (PDF 246KB)

Texas Food Safety Training - Effective February 2015 (PDF 177KB)

Texas Food Safety Training - Prior to February 2015 (PDF 3423KB)

Texas Online Food Handler (PDF 300 KB)

Texas State University - San Marcos Food Handler Program  (PDF 383KB)

Texoma Food Service   (PDF 108KB)

Thornhill Training - Effective November 2012 (PDF 293KB)

Tokyo Gardens Catering, LLC   (PDF 360KB)

Training Achievement Program (TAP series) Effective June 2014 (PDF 88KB)

Training Achievement Program (TAP series) Prior to June 2014 (PDF 1MB)

Valero Retail Holdings, Inc. (Now known as CST Services LLC)  (PDF 742KB) 

Wal-Mart   (PDF 658KB)

Western Refining (pdf  324KB)

Whole Foods Markets - Southwest   (PDF 121KB)

World Credential Diagnostic (PDF 328KB)

www.TrainingNow.com  Effective January 7, 2014 (PDF 194KB)

www.TrainingNow.com Prior to January 7, 2014 (PDF 961KB)

Zepol Dietary Consults Effective April 1, 2014 (PDF 955KB

Zepol Dietary Consults Proior to April 1, 2014   (PDF 104KB)

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"Rule for Food Handler Education or Training Program 25 TAC §229.178" Document (PDF file, 35KB)

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