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Zoonotic Health Topics



*“STOP Rabies” Educational Poster for Download
West Nile VirusLink to West Nile Virus Home Page
Information, statistics, and maps pertaining to West Nile virus.

Chikungunya Virus
Information pertaining to chikungunya virus (CHIKV)

Poster Contest     
  Rabies Awareness & Prevention Poster Contest for K-8th Grade.

  The Oral Rabies Vaccination Programs.

Animal Topics      
  Various topics related to animals: Animals in Disasters, Animals in Public, Animal Control, Animal Friendly Program, etc.

  Zoonoses are diseases transmissible from animals to humans. Zoonotic diseases in Texas are included.

  Education and training opportunities available through the Zoonosis Control Group.

  Case investigation forms for Zoonotic diseases.

  Texas legislation and the rules of the Board of Health; Texas Administrative Code; and rule changes are addressed.

  The Zoonosis Control Group, Mapping Center provides geographic data sets relating to zoonoses in Texas.

Outdoor Health and Safety Tips      
  Health and safety tips for hunters, campers and hikers.

Rabies Topics      
  Rabies topics including: vaccination, history, protocols, and programs

Regional Offices      
  DSHS Regional Offices Information.

Tick Submission and Testing      
  Instructions and form for submitting ticks for identification and testing

Veterinarian Topics      
Topics pertinent to veterinary medical professionals and pet owners, including: emergency preparedness, continuing education, responsible ownership, regulations (relating to rabies and disease reporting), animal import and export requirements, and health-care facility guidelines.

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Last updated November 20, 2014