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Environmental Epi and Injury Surveillance Group



Important News and Updates
05/22/2014 - Trauma Registry Update Webinar - May 2014
05/21/2014 - May 2014 GETAC Presentations
05/21/2014 - New Reports - State of Texas EMS Trauma Summary Report & Mechanism of Injury Report for 2013
05/20/2014 - Texas Custom Questions (Hospital) Specification Documentation
05/20/2014 - Texas Custom Questions (Hospital) Webinar
05/20/2014 - Texas Custom Questions (EMS) Specification Documentation *Draft*
05/09/2014 - Texas Pediatric Trauma Reports (Presented at May 2014 GETAC)
04/16/2014 - State & RAC Summary Report for EMS and Hospitals

State EMS-Trauma Registry Workgroup


The workgroup will serve in an advisory and liaison role between the state EMS/Trauma Registry, GETAC and stakeholders. The workgroup’s goal is to enhance the data available to ensure an effective, accountable, reliable and data-driven EMS, trauma and acute care system for Texas.



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