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En Español: Examen Médico Del Recién Nacido Descripción

Vietnamese: Nhung dieu Cha Me can biet Ve cac thu nghiem can thiet o tre so sinh thuc hien boi co quan y te chuyen khoa (PDF)

Newborn Screening: For Your Baby's Health

En Español: Examen Médico Del Recién Nacido: Por la salud de su bebé

Vietnamese: THÛ NGHIEM CHO TRE SÔ SINH: Vì Sùc Khoe Cûa Con Ban Brochure (PDF)

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Health & Safety Code, Chapter 33. Phenylketonuria, Other Heritable Diseases, Hypothyroidism, and Certain Other Disorders

PKU or Other Heritable Diseases Dietary Supplement

Art. 3.79. Coverage for Special Dietary Formulas for Individuals With Phenylketonuria or Other Heritable Diseases


Sec. 1. In this article:
(1) "Health insurance policy" means any group policy, contract, or certificate of health insurance or evidence of coverage delivered, issued for delivery, or renewed in this state by an insurance company, including a group hospital service corporation under Chapter 20 of this code and a health maintenance organization under the Texas Health Maintenance Organization Act (Chapter 20A, Vernon's Texas Insurance Code).

(2) "Heritable disease" means an inherited disease that may result in mental or physical retardation or death.
(3) "Phenylketonuria" means an inherited condition that may cause severe mental retardation if not treated. 

Coverage Required

Sec. 2. Each health insurance policy shall include coverage for formulas necessary for the treatment of phenylketonuria or other heritable diseases to the same extent as for drugs available only on the orders of a physician.

Added by Acts 1989, 71st Leg., ch. 925, ? 2, eff. Sept. 1, 1989.

Interim Status Report on Rider 58, PKU Low Protein Medical Food Pilot

Final Report on Rider 58, PKU Low Protein Medical Food Pilot

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