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    Vision: A Healthy Texas

    Mission: To improve health and well-being in Texas
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    Texas 211

Administrative Contact Information


image of an organizational chart Organizational Chart

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Administrative Contact Information
Department or Unit Contact/Phone Number
Commissioner of Health Kirk Cole (Interim) (512-776-7376)
     DSHS Council (512-776-7404)
     State Epidemiologist Linda Gaul, PhD, MPH (512-776-7198)
Associate Commissioner Kirk Cole (512-776-7376)
Deputy Commissioner Mike Maples (512-776-7792)
     Office of Academic Linkages Aileen Kishi (512-834-6721)
     Office of Border Health R.J. Dutton, PhD (512-776-7675)
     Center for Policy and External Affairs Ricardo Garcia
          Communications Unit Melissa Loe
          Executive Operations and Support Unit Hallie Duke
          Governmental Affairs Unit Nick Dauster
          Health Policy and Coordination Unit Carolyn Bivens
          Media Relations Carrie Williams
Internal Audit Thomas Martinec (512-776-7354)
     Program Audits Unit Bertha Estrada
     Administrative Audits and Consulting Services Marcelo Barba
Chief Operating Officer Ed House (512-776-7153)
     Operations Management Unit (Vacant)
     Executive and Staff Operations Section Gabe Pina (512-776-3642)
          Property Management/Building Services Unit David McCormick (Interim) (512-776-7242)
          Printing Services, Reprographics and Materials
          Management Unit (Technology Warehouse)
Paul Kida (512-996-9507)
     Information Technology Section Mike Cardwell (512-776-7271)
          Applications Development Unit Earnest Valle (512-776-7667)
          Project Management Office  Jim Skelton (512-776-7605)
          Operations Unit Ricardo Blanco (512-776-6000)
     Legal Section Lisa Hernandez (512-776-7236)
          Government Law Unit Tim Bray (512-776-6966)
              Public Information Coordinator/Open Records Vacant (512-776-6966)
          Enforcement Unit Marc Allen Connelly (512-776-7236)
              Texas Register     Kim Wolfe (512-776-6972)
     Health Information and Vital Statistics Section (Vacant) (512-776-7153)
          Center for Health Statistics Unit Nagla Elerian (512-776-3688)
          Vital Statistics Unit Geraldine Harris (512-776-7646)
     Contract Oversight and Support Section Cathy Bonds (512-206-4502)
Chief Financial Officer Bill Wheeler (512-776-7640)
     Deputy Chief Financial Officer James Dawson (512-776-7674)
     Accounting Section Gary Lawrence (512-776-7438)
          Claims Unit (Vacant)
          Revenue Management Unit Barbara Kelly-King (512-776-2589)
          General Ledger Unit Larry Boriack (512-776-6588)
     Budget Section Becky O’Brien (512-776-7174)
          Reporting Analysis and Policy Unit Mary Ann Uranga (512-776-7566)
          Program Analysis and Control Unit Melanie Doyle (512-776-7353)
     Client Services Contracting Unit Bob Burnette (512-776-7470)
          Prevention & Preparedness, Regulatory, Regions and
          Administrative Offices Branch
Tina Kasiske (512-776-6696)
          Mental Health & Substance Abuse and Family &
          Community Health Branch
Blanca Flores (512-776-3164)
     Funds Coordination and Management Branch Elaine Quinn McHard (512-776-6646) 
Assistant Commissioner for Mental Health and
Substance Abuse Services
Lauren Lacefield Lewis (512-206-5000)
Deputy Assistant Commissioner Thomas Best, (512-206-5015)
     Decision Support Unit William Manlove (512-206-5139)
     Information  (512-206-5000)
     Policy Advisory/Medicaid Dena Stoner (512-206-5253)
     Medical Director for Behavioral Health James Baker, M.D.  (512-206-5014)
     Community Mental Health Program Services Section I Mary Sowder (512-206-5247)
          Northstar Caryl Chambliss (512-206-5470)
          Substance Abuse Services Unit Philander Moore (512-206-5828)
          Child and Adolescent Services Unit Angela Hobbs-Lopez (512-206-5815)
     Community Mental Health Program Services Section II Trina Ita (512-206-5227)
          Adult Mental Health Services Unit (512-206-5103)
          Special Projects/YES/HCBS AMH (512-206-4510)
          Mental Health Contracts Management Unit (512-206-5432)
          Substance Abuse Contracts Management Unit Juanita Salazar (512-467-5496)
          Quality Management Dean Ortega (512-206-5972)
     Hospitals Section Peggy Perry (512-206-5184)
          Austin State Hospital Randall Hines (Effective January 2, 2014)
          Big Spring State Hospital Lorie Dunnam 
          El Paso Psychiatric Center Zulema Carrillo
          Kerrville State Hospital Leigh Ann Fitzpatrick
          North Texas State Hospital James Smith
          Rio Grande State Center Sonia Hernandez-Keeble
          Rusk State Hospital Brenda Slaton
          San Antonio State Hospital Bob Arizpe
          Terrell State Hospital Joe Finch
          Waco Center for Youth Chuck Russell
          Texas Center for Infectious Disease James N. Elkins, F.A.C.H.E.
          South Texas Health Care System Sonia Hernandez-Keeble
Assistant Commissioner for Family and Community Health Services Evelyn Delgado (512-776-7321)
     Community Health Services Section David Auzenne (512-776-6388)
          Preventive and Primary Care Unit Travis Duke (512-776-2990)
          Performance Management Unit Bonita Childress (512-776-6248)
          Office of Program Decision Support Karen Ruggiero (512-776-2749)
     Specialized Health Services Section Sam Cooper (512-776-2002)
          Purchased Health Services Unit Carol Labaj (512-776-3104)
          Health Screening/Case Management Unit Margaret Bruch (512-776-7745)
          Newborn Screening Unit David Martinez (512-776-2216)
     Nutrition Services Section Lindsay Rodgers (512-341-4563)
          Nutrition Education/Clinic Services Unit Amanda Hovis (512-341-4511)
          Food Issuance and Redemption Services Unit Magdalena Blanco (512-341-4504)
          Program Development & Process Improvement Services Unit Dash Ballarta (512-341-4554)
          Office of Title V & Family Health Tammy Sajak (512-776-2184)
Assistant Commissioner for Disease Control and Prevention Services Janna Zumbrun (512-776-7729)
     Contract Management Unit Patricia Melchior (512 776-7428)
     Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention Section Patricia Moore (512-776-7234)
     Infectious Disease Prevention Section (Vacant) (512-776-7679) 
          TB/HIV/STD Unit Felipe Rocha (512-206-5715)
          Infectious Disease Control Unit Monica Gamez (512-776-6678)
          Immunization Branch Monica Gamez (512-776-6678)
          Pharmacy Branch Cory Handy (512-776-2494)
     Environmental Epidemiology and Disease Registries Section John Villanacci (512-776-6351)
     Laboratory Services Section Grace Kubin, PhD (512-776-2468)
          Quality Assurance Unit Sherry Clay (512-776-2423)
          Health Facilities Laboratory Unit Larry Seigler, PhD (210-531-4930)
          Lab Operations Unit Susan Tanksley, PhD (512-776-3106)
Assistant Commissioner for Regional and Local Health Services David Gruber (512-776-7770)
    Community Preparedness Section Bruce Clements  (512-776-7219)
     Region 1 Peter W. Pendergrass, M.D., M.P.H. (806-744-3577)
     Region 2/3 James A. Zoretic, M.D., M.P.H. (817-264-4500)
     Region 4/5N Paul K. McGaha, D.O., M.P.H. (903-595-3585)
     Region 6/5S Paul K. McGaha, D.O., M.P.H., Acting Regional Medical Director (903-595-3585)
     Region 7 Sharon Melville, M.D. M.P.H. (254-778-6744)
     Region 8 Lillian Ringsdorf, M.D., M.P.H. (210-949-2000)
     Region 9/10 Mary Anderson, M.D., M.P.H., (915-834-7675)
     Region 11 Brian Smith, M.D., M.P.H. (956-423-0130)
Assistant Commissioner for Regulatory Services (Exchange) Kathryn Perkins (512-834-6660)
     Enforcement Unit Alan Morris (512-834-6621)
     Health Care Quality Section Renee Clack (512-834-6744)
     Professional Licensing and Certification Unit Cindy Bourland (512-834-4525)
     Regulatory Licensing Unit Charlotte Sullivan (512-834-6730)
     Patient Quality Care Unit Derek Jakovich (512-834-6700, ext. 2374)
     Office of EMS/Trauma Systems Coordination Jane Guerrero (512-834-6745)
     Environmental and Consumer Safety Section Jon Huss (512-834-6687)
          Policy/Standards/QA Unit Rod Moline (512-834-6770 ext., 2276)
          Inspection Unit Greg Wilburn (512-834-6747, ext. 6675)
          Meat Safety Assurance Unit Howard “Butch” Johnson, D.V.M. (512-834-6760, ext 2541)
Health and Human Services Commission – Human Resources (512-487-3476)
Health and Human Services Commission – Civil Rights Office 1-888-388-6332 or 512-438-4313
Health and Human Services Commission – Procurement & Contract Operations Division

Building Key (Austin, TX)

8407 Wall Street

Howard Lane:
4616 West Howard Lane, Bldg 2, Suite 275

Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services
909 West 45th Street

A, G, L, M, R, S, T, W:
1100 W. 49th Street
Austin, TX 78756

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Last updated February 19, 2015