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The Friday Beat is an excellent vehicle for delivering the latest news and information regarding school health issues and topics.  Many of you that read the Friday Beat forward it to interested parties who may “need to know” or want to add value to their efforts in school health education or services. Once a new stakeholder sees benefit in the Friday Beat, it is easy for them to be a subscriber, too.

In order to assist you in “getting the word out” to interested parties about the Friday Beat, a flyer has been developed outlining benefits of and access to the publication.  Feel free to download the flyer and distribute to colleagues and groups or simply forward it to those you feel would benefit from knowing. 

The Friday Beat includes:

  • Current and relevant postings on school health education and health services issues
  • School health resources
  • Professional trainings
  • Grant information
  • Best practices
  • School nurse practice information
  • Coordinated school health resources and activities
  • State policies and statutes
  • Urgent or timely state and national updates
The Friday Beat is for you if you are:
  • School nurse
  • School nurse administrator
  • Health educator
  • Physical educator
  • School administrator
  • Health services provider
  • Working in public, private or charter schools
  • Involved in school health related organizations, agencies, coalitions and consortiums
  • Working in state or local government
  • Connected with a health care system
  • Parents of a school-aged child
  • Any individual with an interest in school health issues

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For more information contact Ellen Smith at (512) 776-2140 or send an email.




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