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Tobacco Prevention and Control

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Mission and Goals

The mission of DSHS Tobacco Prevention and Control is to reduce the health effects and economic toll tobacco has placed on the citizens of Texas. Major goals are:

  1. Prevent tobacco use among young people.
  2. Promote compliance and support adequate enforcement of federal, state and local tobacco laws.
  3. Increase cessation among young people and adults.
  4. Eliminate exposure to secondhand smoke.
  5. Reduce tobacco use among populations with the highest burden of tobacco-related health disparities.
  6. Develop and maintain statewide capacity for comprehensive tobacco prevention and control.

Services Provided

  • Technical assistance to community organizations, schools, worksites, health professionals, and law enforcement agencies on tobacco use prevention issues.
  • Media campaigns to educate Texans about the dangers of tobacco use and laws
  • Assistance in conducting the Texas Youth Tobacco Survey which provides current data on youth tobacco use rates and trends.
  • Toll-free number for those who wish to request tobacco information or to report illegal tobacco sales to youth:
  • Brochures and literature on various tobacco topics including cessation, secondhand smoke, spit tobacco, cigars, youth, work site policy development, school resources, and multilingual resources.
  • Information on tobacco prevention ordinance laws.
  • Local tobacco control coordinators throughout the state through the Regional Partnership Program.
  • Certification of instructors for the Texas Youth Tobacco Awareness program and a current database of available instructors.
  • Texas Tobacco Prevention and Control Coalition Program currently taking place in several areas throughout the state.



Want to Quit?

Contact the Texas Quitline for free and confidential
counseling services, support and information:

TTY: 1-866-228-4327


Last updated May 24, 2018