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Effective March 13, 2014, Revised Youth Camp Rules.

The youth camp rules have been revised.  You may access these rules from the Rules and Regulations page.  Additionally, the Youth Camp Inspection Form and the Youth Camp Inspection Matrix have been revised.  Both of these may be found on the Applications and Forms page.

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What We Do

The Texas Department of State Health Services is the principal authority on matters relating to health and safety conditions at youth camps in Texas. All youth camps must obtain a license prior to operating. Any youth camp may be inspected during operation to determine compliance with the Youth Camp Act and the Youth Camp Rules.

To determine if an operation is a youth camp, the operation must meet the following criteria:

  1. A facility or property, other than a facility required to be licensed by the Department of Family and Protective Services that:
    1. has the general characteristics of a day camp, resident camp, or travel camp;
    2. is used for recreational, athletic, religious, or educational activities;
    3. accommodates at least five minors who attend or temporarily reside at the camp for all or part of at least four consecutive days; and
    4. is not a facility or program operated by or on the campus of an institution of higher education or a private or independent institution of higher education as those terms are defined by the Education Code, §61.003, that is regularly inspected by one or more local governmental entities for compliance with health and safety standards.
  2. A youth camp provides supervision, instruction, and recreation, utilizing a variety of activities primarily in an outdoor, natural environment, for children who are apart from their parents or legal guardians.
  3. A youth camp operates only during school vacation periods, and not more than 120 days per calendar year; and
  4. A youth camp accepts a camper for a minimum of four consecutive days for more than four hours per day.

Please note that some “camp” operations may not meet all of the criteria listed above, and would not be considered a Youth Camp operation, although they may be considered a Child Care operation. Please see the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services Web site for more information on Child Care. Additionally, some licensed youth camps may offer services that do not meet the above criteria (such as weekend retreats), and those services would not be regulated under the youth camp laws.

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Texas Department of State Health Services
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Last updated June 03, 2014