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    Vision: A Healthy Texas

    Mission: To improve health and well-being in Texas
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    Texas 211

About Us



A Healthy Texas


To improve health and well-being in Texas

DSHS Strategic and Operational Goals

Goal 1:  Prevent and Prepare for Health Threats
Goal 2:  Build Capacity for Improving Community Health
Goal 3:  Promote Recovery for Persons with Infectious Disease and Mental Illness
Goal 4:  Protect Consumers
Goal 5:  Develop and Expand Integrated Services
Goal 6:  Streamline Administrative Systems
Goal 7:  Maintain and Enhance DSHS Assets
Goal 8:  Nurture a Unified Workplace Culture
Goal 9:  Expand the Effective Use of Health Information
Goal 10:  Build and Sustain Effective Partnerships


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Last updated January 06, 2016