Public Health Region 9/10 Oral Health Surveillance Program

PHR 9/10 Oral Health Surveillance Program head graphic

Shenice Williams, DDS 
Regional Dentist 

Sondra McDonald, RDH
Regional Dental Hygienist


Our vision is advancing the general health and well-being of Texans by promoting oral health and preventing oral disease.


  1. To provide on-site preventive dental services to low-income, underserved pre-school and school-aged children who are Texas residents.
  2. To collect oral health data to support local, state, and national oral health policy development projects.
  3. To serve as a collaborative partner with other regional public health programs and others interested in the provision of dental services. 
  4. To expand opportunities for preventive dental services delivered and oral health data collection obtained through elementary schools, pre-school facilities including Head Start centers, community health fairs and public health projects, and preventive dental clinics in association with dental schools and dental hygiene programs operating within the region.
  5. To serve as a referral liaison between community members and regional oral health programs and partners.  
  6. To serve as regionally based representatives of the DSHS Oral Health Program and communicate, collaborate, and inform partners about oral health in Texas. 
  7. To work with communities on obtaining optimal levels of water fluoridation.

If you are interested in additional information, please feel free to contact Dr. Shenice Williams at or 915-834-7687. 


Department of State Health Service Oral Health Program 

Last updated March 13, 2018